Midterm Reflection

Step 2

  • Review your Self Regulation Inventory in Getting Started

A.   Comment on how you addressed the weaknesses you identified and/or how you overcame challenges in regards to achieving success this semester thus far

I feel like one of the main weaknesses this semester was being able to sit down and make a schedule for myself when practicing. I would always put it off and say tomorrow. This semester, I had a block that almost forced me to sit down and practice, which is what I needed. 

B.   Reassess the 30 true/false statements for the Self Regulation Inventory.  Compare your current ratio to your initial one.

-  My initial ratio was a 22:8 true to false ratio, my current ratio now is a 24:6. I feel like I've been able to manage my work flow a bit better in this term.

C.   Will you approach the process differently for the second half of the semester?  If so, how?

- After reviewing some of the college requirements I may or may not change my process. This is depending on if I go into teaching, composition, or just jazz guitar. I still feel like the forced nature of requiring to practice what ever will still remain which is what I need in this class. 

D.  How has your thinking about your thinking(metacognition)changed?

I think I've been able to slow down my thinking and focus on one thing at a time. Before I starting practicing regularly I would cram everything into one practice section. Now I've been able to slow down and focus on one thing at a time, thus maximizing my practice time and effectiveness. 

E.  Comment on the outcome of these self assessments as it relates to the quality of your work flow thus far

I think these self assessments accurately reflect my learning and work flow so far. Though I have been distracted a few times, I've really tried to get down to work and dig deep to find a better understanding of sight reading and jazz. 

F.  What has been your greatest strength?

- My greatest strength has probably been my determination to be able to find a better understanding of jazz and sight reading, not only because it is required for college auditions but also because of eagerness to learn. 

G.  How can you compensate for weaknesses?

 - I think I can compensate for weaknesses by finding the root of my weaknesses and slowly working on them. An example being I procrastinate a lot. I was able to find the root of this weakness, putting things off, and find other ways to work around that like becoming more determined. 

Step 3

  • Review the Benchmark Goals you set for yourself in Getting Started; What is it that you hope to know and/or be able to do at the conclusion of the course?

A.  Comment on your achievements thus far

- I have found a bit of a better understanding about jazz and sight reading but I still have a long way to go, which is what I'll continue pursuing during the second half of the semester. 

B.  Are you making good progress toward your goal?

- I think I've improved a lot better on sight reading and being able to play in the first position. I've now been able to focus on the notes better rather that focus on the pater of the scale. I still though feel like I have a bit of a ways with jazz soloing as it is more difficult than imagined. 

C.  How well are your strategies working?

- I think my strategies are working fairly well. Though I have had a few bumps with low moral, everything has been flowing rather smoothly. 

D.  What might interfere with your progress and how can you prevent this interference?

- I feel like the biggest interference would probably be procrastination. I could prevent this interference by maybe using an incentive and making my self sit down to finish the task at hand.  

E.  Have you been able to stretch yourself to learn more or do you find that you rely only on what you already knew prior to the course?

- I feel like I haven't stretched myself entirely and more so relied on previous materials I was given to practice and learn with. However this is something I can work on this in the coming second semester and stretch myself to find new materials.

Step 4

  • Briefly review the work you have submitted for the first half of the semester

A.  Comment on the quality of work reflected in your ePortfolio relating to areas of strengths as well as areas of needed improvement

- I feel like my e-portfolio is an accurate representation of my workflow and the work I've done so far. One area of improvement I do think I need improvement on is the organization and presentation of my portfolio. 

B.  Will you continue to sculpt the work reflected in your ePortfolio as you did for the first half of the course or do you plan on making changes for the second part of the semester?

- I maybe making changes depending on the review of college materials required. 


Step 5

  • Please help us sculpt the next phase of the course by providing feedback, suggestions, etc. related to Unit Content, Adjunct Staff, Wix, ePortfolio, On-Campus, Work Flow, etc

  • - Some websites and links on Wix are a bit confusing but otherwise no complaints here.