All State Links and Audition Songs

Research and artifacts


Step 1

  • Use your Research & Artifacts A ePortfolio to store a variety project resources(articles, images, videos, links, interviews, recordings, etc.)

  • Cite your Sources(authors, locations, human resources, etc.)

  • Include a minimum of 10 Artifacts


Step 2

Please answer the following:

  • Describe your thoughts, feelings and/or opinions regarding the resources you have collected.

  • - Most of the sources I have collected Are things from my jazz teacher and mainly focus on soling and sight reading. This includes worksheets, activities we've done together, and a workbook that we've been working from. 
  • What was the most important and/or valued resources you gathered?

  • - the most important source I gathered was probably the sight reading work book. Every single day I've been doing work, exercises and songs out of that work book and already I've seen an improvement in my work. 
  • What resources were you already familiar with?

  • - I was already fairly familiar with the arpeggios and jazz soloing, I just needed some structure to for those Ideas into coherent soloing 
  • What resource surprised you the most? Why?

  • - The source that surprised me the most was probably the Berklee method book. It was extremely difficult to practice some of the exercises even though they were extremely easy. After playing guitar for seven years it was hard to sit down with some of the exercises and practice some of the most boing exercises and play them correctly. 
  •  What percentage of resources and artifacts directly relate to your proposal A?

  • - Almost 100% of the sources 


Step 3

  • Fill out the Research Rubric either in Notability or paper version to reflect your self assessment


Berklee Method Book

Jazz Chord Notation

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